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Privacy Policy

Our Website Privacy Policy

The Polish Heritage Society of Edmonton (PHSE) has adopted a privacy policy that respects the confidential nature of business relationships between our non-profit organization and any buyers or prospective buyers of housing units offered by PHSE, or of visitors to our website.  To this end, we strive to maintain standards that protect the personal privacy of individuals who deal with us or contact us through this website or other forms of communications in the course of doing business or sharing information.
Personal information that may be collected, for business purposes or indirectly through the regular exchanges between PHSE and individuals, will be kept private.  That includes individuals’ names, ages, dates of birth, or any other information of a personal nature that may be provided and identified with individuals.
Information that visitors share with us will be used for business or communications purposes only.  When you provide personal information, you are consenting to our collection of that information for business or communications purposes. Such purposes may include, for example:
  • Communicating with you in the normal course of doing business, or of extending courtesy, e.g., by providing updates or responding to your inquiries
  • Collecting personal information required to enter into an agreement
  • Collecting information indicating how we may reach you to provide information, updates, news about our projects, etc.
  • Helping us to improve our communications with you by your suggestions, or as indicated by the volume of visitor traffic to our website
  • Keeping business records as required by law or other regulatory or financial requirements
If a third party is providing information on your behalf, or otherwise acting on your behalf, your prior consent will be needed to allow the third party to do so; when that consent is provided we will assume the third party is acting on your behalf until or unless you explicitly state otherwise.
During communications to our website information is collected automatically (as occurs generally with other websites accessed via the Internet). For example, when a communication occurs, an individual’s IP address or other information may be collected.  PHSE may collect that data, for example, to determine on an anonymous basis, the volume and frequency of visits to our website.  This is used only to aid us in our efforts to improve the services or products we offer to buyers, prospective buyers, or visitors to our website.
Information that individuals provide to PHSE may be shared with our partners, contractors, or other parties who are working closely with us to deliver our products and services to you, the buyer, prospective buyer, inquirer or recipient of information from PHSE.  Your privacy will be maintained within this arrangement so that we may continue to serve you to the best of our ability.  Furthermore, the personal information we obtain for purposes identified in this policy will never be sold or rented to any other organization or third party.
Any information that is in the public domain, or readily accessible, is not considered personal information.  This includes publicly available names or information intended to be made public and available for purposes of promotions, marketing, or for other purposes.
PHSE will retain any personal information as long as it is needed for the purposes identified in this policy, or as required by law.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or wish to withdraw to your consent.