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Our development plans over the years

Our efforts to develop the 3.63 acres of land, which PHSE purchased in 1996, began in 2002. Our plans were to provide housing for our seniors needing assisted living or continuing care.  Over the years, three projects were proposed, some of which also proposed housing for independent-living seniors.
In each proposed project, we relied on a third party to determine its future. In the last two projects, for example, PHSE relied on government grant funding to proceed; the funding never came and our project plans were withdrawn. Currently, a portion of the land is being leased by Alberta Health Services to provide parking spaces for hospital staff.
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A new approach
In January 2016, the board of directors of PHSE decided to proceed with the planning and building of seniors housing that makes financial sense without relying on grant funding, and that is acceptable to the Polish-Canadian community of Edmonton.
We will allow the marketplace to decide.  In particular, our seniors will decide whether PHM is right for them, with the support of family and friends.
Our project offers what active and independent seniors want: comfortable, safe and affordable housing. PHM will be a place for fellowship among residents, which is important for the health and well-being of seniors.  It will allow residents to stay active.  All this will be provided, knowing that the need for seniors’ housing in our community will keep growing.
Our project also fits with the priorities of the city and province, to look after the needs of the growing senior population. The city also encourages higher density housing in Edmonton, especially near LRT routes.  Our three-phased development will do that too.